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Now let’s look at the other side of the coin. If fans hold obsessions that turn out to do some good, what then about the celebrities themselves? What possible good can they do? Well, that’s an awfully tricky question isn’t it and one ground ed in the value of the exchange that makes a celebrity powerful.


What makes a celebrity “powerful”? Is it how much money they make, their influence within their industry or the size of their fan base? When you come down to it, celebrities who get the most attention are the powerful ones. They create value to a mutually beneficial celebrity-fan-brand relationship that when combined together have potential for doing good.

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Millions of people are inspired by music, sport and film, so we should use that inspiration to communicate the blatant injustices millions suffer around the world. The biggest motive of all has to be the change we are trying to achieve and celebrities are a powerful part of that. If we’re going to change the world we need to engage and tap into people’s emo tions through the force of human stories that everyone can identify with.


Every charity big or small needs to have a clear and convincing message about what it’s trying to achieve. But the support of an impassioned celebrity for that cause can help reach new audiences with that message. Without the power of famous voices, seeing poverty close up for the first time, for example – can spur thousands of people to get deeply involved with a cause. So when fans are going bananas over their favourite celebrities who lend their voice for change we are trying to achieve, then that’s something we should all welcome.


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